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During nearly 10 years of Executive Coaching, we have been fortunate enough to work with over 150 teams and over 2000 people Worldwide.

We deploy a blend of 'in-house' partner and associate coaching staff to best fit the customer business drivers and their geographic needs.

We build long term trusted relationships with our customers and their teams, whilst maintaining our role as 'caring critics', to assist in continuous improvement and change management.

Our Experience


At Sundial Consulting and whilst partnering with ECC Ltd, we have enjoyed some of the most inspiring, challenging and rewarding times of our careers.

We have been lucky enough to join many courageous leaders and teams during their journeys of discovery and change, in the drive for personal and business benefit. We have witnessed people doing amazing things that they have never done before, in order to grow personally and to inspire development in others.

We continue to be challenged by our clients' goals and aspirations, which inspire us to build and deliver sustainable and contemporary models of development and business change, in a high quality way. 

We look forward to working with more curious and ambitious clients, who are striving to be the best they can and who want to inspire that drive in others.

Our Philosophy


We fundamentally believe that people and organisations can and do change, through inspirational leadership and ambition.


We believe that people deserve the opportunity to grow and stretch, through; open feedback, expectation alignment and coaching.


We also believe that teams and leaders do not have to be failing to improve. Even great teams can be better.


Our philosophy, which is grounded through extensive experience tells us, that people change and development are crucial elements for successful organisational transformation and change.




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